Saturday, December 10, 2011

Winter Concert is great example of collaboration

Students and teachers were excited to collaborate for the Winter Concert.  Everyone was glad to be a part of as many performances as possible and everyone including the audience gained from the experience.  The only challenge we experienced was finding time to practice together.  With so many Early Releases this year, schedule changes, and staff working in more than one building, it was difficult to find a time when we could practice together.  Next year BHS Administration has suggested music students practice outside the school day to rehearse collaboration selections.  BHS Music Teachers would like to see fewer early releases during the school year to allow us to see our students more often for more consistent practice.

Linda Short says she was sorry she didn't have enough time to write out the program notes for the choral selections as she has in the past.  Many people were confused about why some people stood for the "Hallelujah Chorus" because they didn't know about the tradition.  She also wanted to explain the history of the choral music performed and because there was a lot of information, she talked longer than usual.  Having those written choral program notes will be a higher priority next year.

Overall, with all of the schedule challenges and extremely busy schedules, the Winter Concert was a great success with each group performing well.

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